What’s the most savage thing anybody ever said in history?


Since this person was born 2500 years ago and I don’t think there is any credible source which can say his quotes are his and not of anyone’s else but I consider him one of the most important historical figure who conquered a major part of the earth without even using a weapon.

His journey was to find an end to all the sorrows and was mainly influenced by three scenes he had witnessed as a prince 1)an old person 2) a sick person 3)a Dead person. He saw all these things as sufferings and it’s effect as sorrows. While on his journey to spread his teachings to common people he said one of the most badass thing, “The world is full of pain and sorrow and it’s totally up to us to make us free from it.”

I know he said it in a different context but his statement remains true even after 2500 years, if we see all the fights, conflicts and wars going on everywhere. And I don’t think they are ever going to end because we try to find the problem outside and blame others for causing these problems but are afraid to have a deep look inside us because then again we would know no one but only us are responsible for our problem ( Also might be one of his statement).

By, Aha jay sharm

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