DJ Switch gets celebrated by Apple, featured in their November 2020 Apple


Ghana’s DJ Switch keeps climbing the ladder to global dominance as she has been celebrated alongside other international popular stars by Apple Inc.

During the November 10th Apple Event to announce the introduction and details of the new chip that will power the new range of computers and iPad, Timothy Donald Cook, the C.E.O of Apple Inc, spoke about how some influential people have used Apple Laptops to make a significant impact across the world.

During his submission broadcasted at the event which streamed live on YouTube, he said: “today the Mac is stronger than ever, it continues to lead the industry in customer satisfaction as it has over a decade and more customers than ever are choosing the Mac. all around the world, people use the Mac to do remarkable things, like the Mac itself they challenge the status quo, they take chances, they create, they innovate, they use the Mac to change the world and we’ll to celebrate them“.

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