Have you ever met a celebrity and found they were much kinder or ruder than you expected?


Yes, Mike Tyson.

While it was just a brief encounter, I was surprised at how polite he was.

He held the door open for me at the gym.

You have to understand the dynamics of this particular gym to understand why this made an impression. Men at this workout locale generally refuse to get out of each other’s way, with the largest men having right-of-way, like ships at sea. There is a sense that each man is trying to intimidate the others.

As I was walking toward the gym entrance, I didn’t immediately notice that it was Mike Tyson holding the door open, patiently waiting. At first, I was just surprised that a man of his size would show an average joe such deference. Further, when I realized it was Mike Tyson holding the door so patiently, I was truly shocked!

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