Two sets of sisters graduate together from Marine Corps training


PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. — “Sisters by blood, now sisters-in-arms.” That’s how the Department of Defense described two sets of sisters who just graduated from recruit training in the Marine Corps.
Ashely and Amber Valentine, along with Maria, Vanessa and Melissa Placido Jaramillo were among the latest graduating class from Parris Island, according to a Facebook post from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.

Ashley Valentine, 19, says she made a promise to her grandfather three days before he died to carry on his legacy by serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. She chose the Marine Corps, and her 22-year-old sister Amber joined her.
“After talking with the recruiter about how it would impact my life, I was committed,” Amber said. “I was ready to go no matter what.”
The sisters, who hail from Manassas, Va., said having each other during recruit training helped them through their highs and lows.
“I went through a moment during first phase where I received some bad news in a letter, and she was there to be a shoulder for me to lean on,” Amber said.
The Parris Island Recruit Depot says the sisters won’t be able to go to combat training together because Ashley fractured her hip prior to graduation and needs time to heal. After both eventually complete combat training, the DoD says Amber will be in the communications field, and Ashely will be certified as a motor transportation operator.
“I know she’s going to be ok,” Ashley said of her sister. “She’s always been independent, and I know she’s going to succeed in her career.”
Sisters Maria, Vanessa and Melissa Placido Jaramillo were born in Panama and moved to Las Vegas when they were young. The three made a pact to join the military.
Maria, 21, and identical twins Vanessa and Melissa, 22, joined the ROTC program. Maria said she joined the Corps to “honor her family and give back to the country who gave her so much.” After that, they attended recruit training at Parris Island. Melissa told the recruit depot “friendly competition and daily positive affirmation” kept their relationship strong.

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