Vatican begins probe into Pope Francis’ official account liking bare-bottomed model’s photo


The Vatican has begun an investigation to unravel how Pope Francis’ official Instagram account ended up liking a racy photo of a bare-bottomed Brazilian model, creating a lot of ridicule for the Catholic Church’s head.

According to Catholic News Agency, officials of the Vatican have commenced an internal probe into the controversial matter.

The Pope made news headlines in the past few days after it emerged that his official Instagram account was one of the 143,000 fans who had liked bikini-wearing model Natalia Garibotto’s raunchy photo on November 13.

A viral screenshot shows the account @francisus account liking the picture of Natalia Garibotto dressed in a revealing outfit which some people have suggested is unbecoming of the pope.

For no other than the pope to like your post on social media, that must be a huge endorsement. Miss Garibotto could not hide her excitement as she took to Twitter to jokingly say she was on her “way to the Vatican”.

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