Demand for bribes from gov’t officials rising – American investor


The Managing Director of Alafei Foods, Claude Convisser, has revealed that many businesses in Ghana do not survive because government officials demand bribes before they get assistance to develop.

He said many investors who came to Ghana for business purposes have fled as a result of high bribes demands by government officials adding that the demand for bribes is rising in the country daily.

“For a business to thrive and survive in a long term, it can’t be incumbent that it requires demands of bribes by government officials. I have heard so many stories of foreign investors who’ve been met with the demand of bribes from government officials, not just this government but the previous ones as well, that the businessmen have fled, and it’s unusual that I am stubborn, I have stayed here and persisted that I am not going to pay a bribe,” he said.

“How can a businessman pay all the people he meets in the process of building a business, how can they grow the business and this is why many foreign investors went back with their monies. I remember I met the assemblyman for a community in Yendi and he asked me to give him a percentage of my business and I said there’s nothing my business will give to him. This is something I’m doing to help your area,” he noted.

He recounted how the MCE for Yendi, Alhaji Hammed Abubakari Yussif told him that he does not sound convincing that he is capable of doing business in the area because he does not own a car.

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