Don’t look for me else where; I live close to SC judge who gave you $450k before 2016 elections – Kevin Taylor to Akuffo Addo


The maverick Ghanaian US-based investigative journalist Kevin Taylor, has disclose to president Nana Akuffo Addo his current place of residence in Ghana.

He took to his official Facebook handle and alleged that he lives close to the supreme Judge who handed to Akuffo Addo $450, 000 before the 2016 elections.

Information of the presence of the fearless investigative journalist in the jurisdiction of Ghana emerged on social media yesterday 14th, January, 2021 as he was seen in a picture with a member of the NDC communication team, Elikem Kotoko. The journalist who has received lot of legal suites and threats from top NPP members, not to step foot in Ghana has done what one can best describe as the unthinkable as he has come to Ghana and is gone to the extent of giving out his location.

He did not include in his post reasons why he, Kevin Taylor came to Ghana but one can best settle on the 2020 election petition at the supreme court as his main reason of risking himself into the country as governments use the security agencies to selectively harass some Ghanaians. Kevin further added that he is reliably informed president Nana Akuffo Addo is search for him, hence his post today.

Kevin Taylor in his post also alleged that this Judge who gave president Akuffo-Addo $450,000 in 2016 is part of the 2020 election petition sent to the supreme court by former president John Dramani Mahama. John Mahama in his petition is praying the court to annulled the results of the election because he and the winner president Akuffo Addo did not obtain the mandated results as stipulated in the 1992 constitution, that a winner of the presidential election shall obtain 50% plus one percentage of the valid vote cast.

Read Kevin’s full post “I heard nana is looking for me, please Nana I live close to the Supreme Court judge who handed to you $450,000 cash in his own house before the 2016 elections.
NB. He is on this panel” he concluded.

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